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Tennis Specific Exercises

NB. If you are injured, check with your physio/biokineticist before doing these

-         Stretch-cord (SC) side raises, standing, band under feet, raise arms sideways up to horizontal, keeping chest pushed out    3x15

-         SC external rotation, cord on door handle, face door, pull cord back up into throwing “cocked” position   3x15

-         SC serving action, cord on door, in serve position, replicate serve 3x15

-         Forearm (anti-tennis elbow exercise), cord on door, stand side on to door, elbow kept at side and bent to 90degrees, flex and extend wrist  3x15

-          Trunk rotation, SC doubled up on door, hold with two hands, arms out at hip level and twist against cord with upper body  3x15 each direction

-         Plyometric push-up: kneeling, drop down onto hands landing softly as possible then push back up again 3x15

-         Foreahand, SC on door, play forehand shot controlled  3x15

-         Backhand, SC on door, play backhand  3x15

-         Trunk rotation, on floor legs up, knees at 90degrees, arms outstretched, roll knees side to side     3x10 each side

-         Side raises, on side on elbow, lift hips up and down  3x15 each side

-         Lunges   3x15 each leg

-         One-leg squats on edge of step   3x15 each leg

-         Touchdowns, stand on one leg, bend down, touch outside of foot then upright again    3x10 each leg

-         One leg calf raises on edge of step, with one finger for support  3x15 each leg

-         Plyometric split jumps preferably on and off foot stool, SOFT LANDINGS   3x15.

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