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General Stretches

(NB. If injured, check with your physio/biokineticist before doing these)


Pull head to each side with other hand behind back, chin to armpit   3x 20sec hold


       Pull arm across chest    3x20sec hold

       Towel behind back, pull up and hold 20sec then pull down and hold 20sec        3x20 sec  hold   each direction

       Side flexors:

 On side, push up with top leg crossed over   3x20sec hold

Back extension:

 On stomach, push up on arms keeping hips down    3x20 sec hold

Back rotation:

 On back, pull leg across to opposite side     3x20sec hold


 Sitting, one leg bent in front, other leg back, lean forward over shin    3x20sec hold

 Hip flexors:

 Lunge position, one knee on ground, push hips forward, pull tummy in  3x20sec hold


 Lying on side, grab ankle of top leg and pull leg back behind     3x20sec hold


 Sitting, one leg straight other bent in front, stretch to toes   3x20sec hold


 Press-up position, one foot on other, push back to stretch calf  3x20sec hold


                                                          Neural Stretches

        (NB: If injured, please check with your physio or biokineticist before doing these)

-          Standing, one arm outstretched sideways and backwards, point hand backwards, turn head to opposite side, bounce arm back and forth                     3x20 small bounces of arm back and forwards.

-         On back, one leg up straight, support behind thighs with hands, flex foot up and down                                           3x20 foot pumps

-         Sitting, legs straight out in front, hands behind head, toes pointing up, pull head and upper body forward, then small rocking back and forward with upper body                                                                       3x20 pulls

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